"We connect car-buyers & car-sellers"

We launched this business to provide services to the key components of the car business; car-buyers and car-sellers!!! Car People Connections, LLC was started by car people...for car people. Our services are marketed to professionals in their field; providing a platform to reach as many potential customers as possible. We aim for true customer care and pleasant car buying experiences. Promotion is equally important; the buyer needs good product/service and the seller needs the business! Now, let's get your name out there & make the car buying process great! 

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Need to buy a car?

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Buy cars? Sell cars?

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BULLY-PROOf your child this year!

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Let's Help Every Child Get a FREE Shirt!

CAR PEOPLE CONNECTIONS believe in unified efforts to achieve one common goal. We believe that if we all pull together we can be MOST effective in what we set out to do.  So our goal is to put a FREE tshirt in every child's hand and let them know that their community cares. Your help puts that shirt in their hands.

Easy and Simple to Order!

Simply choose which type shirts that you want to donate, choose the quantity then submit your order and someone will call you for instructions to receive your artwork or ideas for your ad on the back of the shirt. That's it on your part! We will do the rest! We will DESIGN & PRINT! 


We are a brand & marketing/auto-locating & sales co-op of car people. We created a place that car sales people could come for options and tools to make what they do better! 

We also believe strongly in taking care of the customer. We know that professional service and knowledgeable people are desired when going to the dealership. We know how this can make buying a car either a most terrific experience or a regrettable decision. So we offer quality people, quality service, and quality vehicles. Enjoy the new experience! Because we are "connecting car-buyers & car-sellers"


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